Hi! I am
Ariel Wang
PhD student studying Human-Computer Interaction at Indiana University Bloomington, USA.
UX Design

Coming from an industrial design background, I have experience in designing UX products such as mobile applications, IoT services, and websites.

UX research

I have a range of UX research experiences including both qualitative and quantitative methods.


I have mentored undergraduate and master's students at Indiana University in research projects to help them explore potential career paths.

About me

I am a second year Informatics PhD student studying Human-Computer Interaction and design at Indiana University Bloomington. My research interests are in health and social media. I am part of the ProHealth Group, and am working with Dr. Christina Chung and Dr. Patrick Shih. 

I hold a Masters in Design at National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, focusing on interaction design and service design. Previously, I worked as an associate researcher at Taiwan Design Research Institute, exploring policymaking through design methods. 

Research Projects

My research interest is in health and social media, focusing on dental health management through collaborative systems, and how teenagers build and develop healthy eating through social media.