Design for Policymaking

This is a project I worked on as a project manager at Taiwan Design Research Institute in 2020.

We use design research methods to co-create the future policies for Taiwan's future design ecosystem.

Overview: This project aims to develop the future of the design industry in Taiwan in a systemic design approach. In this report, we identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of Taiwan’s design industry, and form a series of action plans for a more consistent ecosystem through co-creation with stakeholders in Taiwan’s design ecosystem.

We invited representatives from each element of Taiwan's design ecosystem to gather and participate in a series of workshops, and reported our findings into a policy report.

This policy report is designed to help policymakers, investors, scholars, and students to understand the design ecosystem in Taiwan, key challenges, and future plans. The outcomes from this project are 33 strategies and 122 action plans, which will serve as a reference to Taiwan’s future design policy.

Methods: Ecosystem Mapping - Stakeholder Mapping - Workshops - World Café - Expert Interviews

Collaborators: Oliver Lin (Supervisor), Hsin-Yi Hsieh (Researcher)

Publication: Hsieh, H. Y., Wang, C. H. (2020, December). Taiwan’s Design Blueprint. Taiwan Design Research Institute.

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co-designing for policymaking

This is the first time representatives from each element of Taiwan's design ecosystem gather to discuss and develop future design policies.

first systemic research on design policy in taiwan

This research calls to stakeholders the challenges and opportunities for the development of Taiwan's design industry.