TikTok and Teenagers' Healthy Eating Habits

Researchers: Chun-Han (Ariel) Wang, Stephen Tsung-Han Sher
Advisor: Christina Chung

Teenagers' eating habits are influenced by TikTok videos.

Overview: This research explores how teenagers interacted with food-related TikTok content and how this influenced their eating behavior and practices. We show how teenagers think of healthy eating and what actions they took after being inspired by TikTok. We find that teenagers take inspiration from TikTok food content in different temporal stages, from immediately trying out new food items to long-term diet planning. We discuss potential design opportunities to support teenagers’ social use of TikTok food content in online and offline contexts.

Methods: Surveys - Interviews

Collaborators: Christina Chung (Advisor), Stephen Sher (Researcher)

Publication: Chun-Han Wang, Stephen Tsung-Han Sher, Kelly Janek, Isabela Salman,and Chia-Fang Chung. 2022. “TikTok Made Me Do It”: Teenagers’ Perceptionand Use of Food Content on TikTok. In Interaction Design and Children (IDC’22), June 27–30, 2022, Braga, Portugal. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 6 pages.https://doi.org/10.1145/3501712.3535290

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examining teenagers' health behavioral changes from tiktok use

This study points out various ways that teenagers' eating habits are inspired by short-formed TikTok.

temporal-different actions in HCI

This research contribute to the human-computer interaction theories of temporal different actions that teenagers take in response to content on TikTok.