Co-Designing the
Future Social Media
with Teenagers

This is still an ongoing project...

We investigate teenagers' goals of using technology to achieve a healthy lifestyle through co-designing the future social media.

Overview: We explore how teenagers identify the problems and opportunities of social media, and how they envision the future social media to help cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Methods: Workbook - Co-Design Workshop

Collaborators: Christina Chung (Advisor), Yuxing Wu (Researcher)

Co-Design Workshop held in summer 2022.
Contributions - Research Methods
co-designing with teenagers using the double diamond design model

Our study contributes to how teenagers can use the double diamond model as a tool to ideate new designs.

understanding Teenagers' perception of healthy lifestyles

This co-design workshop also allows us to understand how teenagers perceive "healthy lifestyle" through their discussion and design process.