BurgerDigest App

Designed in 2024 by Ariel Wang

This is an app that helps people reflect on their social media use, explore hobbies, and inspire ideas for a healthy lifestyle

Overview: We scroll through so many social media platforms per day. We see so many recipes we want to cook with our family, share with our friends, but they often lie in our saved albums collecting dust. Now what?

This app motivates people to take actions in the real world. BurgerDigest allows people to see what they consume on social media each day, focusing on the categories that users set as preferred content. They may accept challenges related to each topic participated worldwide, and look at a log of all the challenges they completed.

BurgerDigest allows people to reflect on social media use on the short and long term, see trends in their preferences, and help cultivate hobbies that are the flavorful ingredients in life.

Personal project, 2024